Retirement Solved Software is Designed for Anyone Who Wants to Pro-Actively Plan and Implement a Better Retirement Outcome.


Percentage of people who don’t have a written retirement plan.


Percentage of people who failed a recent retirement literacy test.


Percentage of people who fear outliving their income more than they fear death.


Percentage of baby boomers that don’t know how much they’ll need to retire.

The Software is Beneficial to...

Employers & Employees
CPAs & Estate Attorneys
Small Business Owners
Retirement Advisors


The Retirement Solved Education and Planning Software Platform is a tremendous benefit employers can offer their employees, especially those 5-10  years from retirement. Retirement Solved can be sponsored by an HR department via an affordable site license.

  • Eight in 10 employees say employers should provide access to opportunities that help them succeed, according to a new survey from Prudential Financial Inc.
  • The second American Workers Survey found that workers want employers to offer financial products, health and wellness programs, job training programs and financial education. Topics employees most wanted to learn about were retirement savings and planning, building emergency savings, budget management and identity protection.
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of employees know what they'll do with their 401k at retirement

of employers offer retirement education planning tools

"Studies show that financial education quells fear, uncertainty and stress. And improves employee's performance. In addition, everyone benefits from financial education offered in the workplace...the employer, the employees, the employee's family, and even the company's customers."

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