Step 5. Stay on Track... monitor, review, adjust

In the final step of our recommended process, our affiliate advisors will help you stay on track with your plan with regular reviews and adjustments as your needs and life change.  He/she will keep in constant contact with you and make sure that together you are achieving the goals of your plan, regardless of what comes down the path.

At the completion of step 5, your advisor will start the process over again with phase 2 of our Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategy with a focus on Risk Management strategies to make sure everything you’ve worked hard to save is protected.

We also encourage you to continue learning with our online resources and classes so you can keep your advisor on his/her toes, and stay on top of this ever-changing industry.

To get started on your plan with a Retirement Solved affiliate, simply contact us via phone at:  508.798.5115 or via email at: info@yourretirementadvisor.com