The new approach to retirement readiness is here and it’s based on the belief that when you take the time to educate yourself, proactively strategize and implement an informed plan, you’ll enjoy a more confident and comfortable retirement. Retirement happens…get ready with our Social Security e-class below.


“Social Security income accounts for an average of 64.8% of total income for all households with someone aged 65 or older. Deciding when to start Social Security benefits is probably one of the most important financial decisions aging boomers will make.”

Here in our Social Security e-class, you have access to our Social Security video, accompanying Power Point presentation and workbook where you can do some Social Security planning customized to your situation. You can also take our “basic” Social Security timing quiz, but it’s imperative to work with us to do a complete Social Security Optimization Assessment to get the most accurate filing strategy.

You can interact with the content at your own pace,,in any order you please, or follow the steps we’ve outlined.  There’s also a wealth of information on our website. Once you’ve reviewed all of the materials, you can request any of our complimentary assessments at the bottom of the page. We look forward to helping you get ready for retirement.

View the Social Security video below

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View the Social Security Power Point Presentation

Social Security E-Class Power Point

View & Download the Social Security Workbook

Social Security E-Class Workbook PDF

Determine Your “Basic” Social Security Timing

Determine your Social Security timing here

Now that you’ve completed the e-class, test your Social Security I.Q. here:

Test your Social Security I.Q.

Request a Social Security Optimization Assessment

Yes, I want a complete an accurate assessment of how much Social Security benefit I’ll receive and when is the best time to start my benefit (based on all my other factors, including taxes)!

Note: it’s imperative to factor in the tax affect on Social Security…up to 85% of your benefit could be taxed in retirement. Our sophisticated software helps you optimize and save thousands in retirement taxes!

Social Security Savings Calculator

This simple calculator (for married couples) will give you an indication of your Social Security savings, but you’ll need a detailed optimization tool to determine your entire Social Security strategy. A Retirement Income Projection Analysis (RIPA), coupled with a comprehensive plan is the best combination of data-driven retirement planning a person can have as they start their retirement journey.

Retirement Planning Isn’t Easy…Get Help from a Hybrid “Retirement” Advisor

While retirement planning is imperative, it certainly isn’t easy. The accumulation phase of your life is easy compared with retirement. There’s so many more considerations and issues to address in retirement. While you can certainly undertake retirement education and be your own advisor, we recommend that you make the investment in working with a hybrid “retirement” advisor who has the experience and know-how every retiree needs. The investment is much more afforable than you think, potentially saving you thousands and thousands of dollars in bad decisions. Not just any advisor will do.

Read this article on why you should work with a hybrid retirement advisor

and then check out the video below.