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When it’s time to implement your plan, we can connect you with our network of online experts. Because this model leverages technology and other efficiencies, services can be at offered at much more attractive fees, without sacrificing quality or the interaction you have with a real human.

We’ve scoured the industry looking for the services you need (and some you didn’t know you need) to implement a comprehensive retirement plan you can be confident in. All of the providers we recommend combine the absolute highest quality at amazingly affordable fees, saving you thousands over traditional solutions.

You CAN enjoy more health, wealth, happiness and a better lifestyle in retirement. Our recommended solutions can help.

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We’ve scoured the industry looking for the services you need (and some you didn’t know you need) as you prepare for and enter retirement. All of the providers we connect you to combine the absolute highest quality at amazingly affordable fees and deliver their services to anyone, anywhere. This model saves you thousands over traditional solutions. Simply choose the solutions you’re interested in below and we’ll get you connected.

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    Check back here often as we’ll continue to add providers to make implementing your retirement plan easier. Fees for each of the solutions vary and will be 100% transparent and disclosed to you before making any final decisions. See below for all of our providers and some additional details.

    Comprehensive Retirement Planning

    When you work with our recommend provider, RP Cloud, on your comprehensive retirement plan you’ll have the services of a Hybrid Retirement Planner (HRP) who’s also a credentialed Certified Financial Planner (CFP). HRPs do not have any bias toward investments or insurance and recommend only research-backed, “retirement optimized” strategies to get you the best possible outcome. Because the HRP is only compensated to create the your comprehensive plan (without any product recommendations), you can be sure you’re getting an objective, unbiased plan that you can feel 100% confident in.


    Investing in retirement is very different than in the growth phase of life. It’s important to “de-risk” your investment portfolio as you approach retirement, which means transitioning from the conventional 60/40 stock/bond portfolio to a retirement optimized portfolio of stocks, bonds and guaranteed income. You also need to plan for risks such as volatility, inflation and sequence of return. Our recommended investment solutions provider can help determine your optimal strategy.

    Behavorial coaching

    Income Distribution Planning

    How will you make your income last throughout retirement? There’s a number of income distribution strategies you’ll need to deploy in retirement so that you can enjoy an efficient & sustainable income for life. Among the issues is identifying all your income sources and then having a withdrawal strategy, paying close attention to the impact of taxes. Our recommended retirement income specialists use sophisticated technology and their expertise to conduct Retirement Income Project Analyses and so much more.

    Tax Planning

    Proper tax planning is a critical component of the right retirement plan. When done by a tax specialist with sophisticated software, you can either save thousands in tax payments or extend the life of your portfolio through tax efficiencies. Our recommended provider, TPCloud is able to offer significant savings on a tax assessment and plan.

    Social Security

    Social Security is a major source of income in retirement. You need to make sure you have the proper timing and filing strategy, along with a plan to reduce the amount of taxes on your Social Security. While our recommended Social Security optimization provider can give you a complete strategy, it’s imperative that this is incorporated with your overall income distribution plan.

    Life Planning/Document Storage

    If you don’t have a written life plan, you need to get one. And then make sure it’s stored for easy access by those people who need to know your plan and end of life wishes should something happen to you. Our recommended provider offers a powerful, technology-based solution that’s sophisticated yet easy for anyone to use. The proper archived plan contains:

    • Wills, Trusts, and insurance policies
    • Critical accounts and passwords
    • Household information: bills, vendors, etc.
    • Health and medical information
    • Important family details
    • Pet care documentation
    • And much more…

    Fraud Protection

    It’s very important to monitor bank and investment accounts, credit cards, and credit data for you and your family. The fraud protection provider we recommend has alerts designed with seniors in mind. This cutting edge personal detection and alert system  stops exploiters in their tracks before a lifetime of savings is depleted. They are truly the first step to a good night’s sleep.

    College Funding

    Long term care

    Advanced Care Planning/In Home Care

    Retirement Lifestyle Assessment