A Better Retirement Starts with You

Retirement Solved Readiness Overview

“Fortune favors the smart, the bold and the prepared.”

Procrastination is the number one reason many people don’t have a retirement plan. Confusion and fear are two more reasons.


Consider the statistics…

“61% of baby boomers fear outliving their income more than they fear death.” -Allianz Life Insurance Survey, 2010

“81% of don’t know how much income they need to retire.” -New Challenges, New Solutions, 2017

“74% failed a retirement income literacy test.” -American College Retirement Literacy Survey, 2017

“84% don’t have a written retirement plan!” TransAmerica Retirement Survey of Workers, 2016

Clearly, Americans are concerned about retirement and 11,000 are turning 65 years old everyday, but they’re neither educated nor prepared for retirement. And they’re obviously under-served by the 300,000 financial advisors in the U.S.  Conventional advice, old school strategies, and rolling the dice and hoping for the best hasn’t gotten the average baby boomer very far.

Retirement Solved exists to change this. To help you stop procrastinating and start preparing and planning, we’ve come up with an effective and unconventional approach. When you couple the approach with our friendly and knowledgeable RetireMentors, preparing for retirement will be easier (and more affordable) and living in retirement better than you imagined.

How to Get Started?

We suggest that you start at Step 1 by getting educated and then Step 2 to assess your current financial situation and retirement readiness. You’ll then proceed with the remaining three steps. When you commit to the approach, we’ll commit a RetireMentor to help keep you motivated and to stay on track.

Are you ready to Know More & Have More…now and in retirement?

Step 1: Get Smart

Step 2: Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Use our Retirement Readiness software platform to find out if you’re ready for retirement and identify your blind spots, gaps, risks and opportunities. The tool will highlight your deficiencies and gaps in your retirement finances, as well as your retirement knowledge.

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Step 2: Build the Right Plan in Place With the Right Planner

In the planning step, you’ll collaborate with an affiliated Hybrid Retirement Advisor. He/she has the experience and expertise to turn your deficiencies into efficiencies. Retirement planning is complex. We make it easier and less stressful to get the right retirement plan in place whether you live in Boston or Boulder.

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Step 3: Implement Your Plan with a Network of Online Experts

The final step is to implement your plan by choosing solutions that deliver. We give you access to these in our Solutions Center. We’re continually scouring the industry to find services and providers that combine quality and affordability, while offering you the highest value possible. You CAN enjoy more health, wealth, happiness and a better lifestyle in retirement.

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“Through this whole approach we really have learned so much and now feel so much better prepared for retirement.” 

-Charlie & Rebecca