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You can also request your complimentary Retirement Reliability Assessment at any time, using the links at right. It’s a great benefit (and no-brainer offer) to all students.

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Every Student Can Request a Complimentary Retirement Reliability Assessment (invaluable)

The Retirement Masterclass includes a complimentary (no strings attached) assessment that helps you determine what impact the strategies you’ll learn about can have on your retirement. For the assessment, you’ll simply fill in your contact info and answer a few financial questions. Then, you’ll select a date and time that works for you to review your results. This can be scheduled at any time before, during or after the classes.

Here’s the list of financial questions you’ll be asked.

Your Retirement Advisor Intro Kit

The Retirement Masterclass is sponsored by Your Retirement Advisor. Learn more about Brian and the team at Your Retirement Advisor.

Your Retirement Advisor About Us

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E.P.I.C. Planning Process

E.P.I.C. Meeting Process

Retirement Class 1
Replay, Preso & Reading Materials

What We Covered…

  • Introduction to the RS Masterclass
  • Retirement Planning
  • Middle Way Guidance – An unbiased and balanced approach in retirement
  • Introduction to Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies

Replay & Presentation

Reading Materials

Here’s some great reading material & resources to reinforce the concepts you learned in class. Remember: research-backed retirement planning is essential.

(Note: The Multi-Discipline white board video and class covers 5 strategies, while the white paper includes 8 strategies)

The Middle Way White Paper

Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies White Board Video

Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies White Paper

Morningstar Alpha, Beta & Gamma Study

Retirement Risks


You are highly encouraged to access a free preview of the Retirement Solved personalized readiness software platform. In this free version of the platform, you’ll have access to the Quick Assess Module only. You can do a quick financial assessment, use the Retirement Calculator, calculate your net worth and more.

Retirement Class 2
Replay, Preso & Reading Materials

What We Covered…

Retirement Income Planning & Guaranteed Income Sources: Social Security, DB Contribution Plans & Reverse Mortgages

Replay & Presentation

Reading Materials

Your instructor has suggested the below content to back up some of the concepts reviewed in class.

Income Planning Guide

Social Security Guide

Reverse Mortgage Overview by Wade Pfau

2024 Retirement Planning Cheat Sheet


If you haven’t already, check your Social Security benefit at: ssa.gov

Retirement Class 3
Replay, Preso & Reading Materials

What We Covered…

Other Income Sources

Retirement Optimized Portfolios

Replay & Presentation

Reading Materials


Test your Tax I.Q. with this Tax Smart Quiz.

Retirement Class 4
Replay, Preso & Reading Materials

On-Demand Classes for Purchase

Over four hours of recorded classes (with PowerPoints and workbooks). Each module is $27, or purchase all four for a discounted fee of $87.


Healthcare/Medicare On-Demand Class

Everything you need to know about healthcare and Medicare in retirement. $27.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care On-Demand Class

Everything you need to know about long term care and LTC insurance. $27.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning On-Demand Class

Everything you need to know about wills, trusts and estate planning. $27.

Non-Financial On-Demand Class

Everything you need to know about all the non-financial stuff for retirement. $27.

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1. The Big Book of Retirement Qs & As

Authored by Retirement Power Hours, this 100+ page book addresses a myriad of questions based on listening and learning from pre- and post-retirees for the past 30 years. It’s a great complement to the class. You’ll receive a hard-copy of the book in the mail, as well as a PDF file of the book. Value: $25

2. Retirement Solved Readiness Software

One year subscription to the Retirement Solved Readiness Software Platform. Get educated and have a complete view into your finances, gaps, risks & opportunities for wealth-building & well-being, track tasks, understand retirement optimized strategies and implementation best practices. Value: $168.

3. His & Her Personal Info & Emergency Planner

His & Her Personal Info & Emergency Binder. 100 pages (fillable or downloadable PDF) to record all your important financial, legal and life details. A valuable document for your loved ones to keep calm and carry on in your absence due to an emergency, incapacitation or your passing. Value: $20.

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4. Surprise Gift

Who doesn’t love a surprise. You’ll get this in the mail with your book. Value: $10.

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Retirement Reliability Assessment and review/chat

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