Retirement Geeks

If you haven’t heard, geek is the new chic in retirement planning. We are self professed retirement geeks and we like it that way!

  • We love the math and science of retirement and use it as a basis for everything we do.
  • Like other geeks, we’re also technology savvy and tuned in to the cutting edge tools of our trade. Our analysis and strategies are powered by sophisticated and specialized retirement planning software that allows us to make data-driven decisions (vs. best guesses or gut feel).
  • We’re obsessed with research and educating ourselves and our clients and demystifying retirement for you.
  • And yes, we’re bookworms…we read everything about retirement and enjoy challenging the extreme biases we often hear in the industry.
  • We battle big marketing machines that make some overstated claims which just confuse people even more.
  • And, we’re a lot like the characters on the show, The Big Bang Theory…definitely geeky, but friendly, passionate and fun to work with.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower you with objectivity and knowledge. We then patiently work with you to build and implement an impervious retirement plan with strategies designed just for you. Geek’s promise.”

Many of our students and prospects who become clients are shocked to find out “what they didn’t know about what they didn’t know” about retirement planning and the necessary steps to take toward a better retirement outcome…simply because they haven’t had the right team guiding the way.

As a fiduciary serving your best interests, our affiliated advisors search, analyze, test and implement  strategies that will allow you to grow, protect and distribute your nest egg in the most sustainable manner possible.

woman typing on a laptop on a desk

You’ll most often find us staring out from behind a black pair of glasses pouring over the latest retirement research…

or sharing this research in a planning session with someone like you.

Financial Freedom

And just because we’re building a better retirement plan for you, doesn’t mean you’re headed for a rocking chair. The right plan means that you can jump off the office chair, stop working like a dog and  live a work-optional lifestyle. We call this finding your financial freedom date.

We’re committed to helping you know enough, get enough, keep enough and have enough of the stuff that’s important to you…now and in the future. We’re ready to build a mathematically sound and research-backed retirement plan for you. Geek’s promise.

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