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“The research is unequivocal that a competent financial guide can both help you achieve the returns necessary to arrive at your financial destination while simultaneously improving the quality of your journey.”

-Daniel Crosby, Ph.D., Nocturne Capital

To properly implement a retirement plan, most people need the services of an experienced and licensed advisor. Implementing a “distribution plan” (vs. a growth plan) is a bit more complex and requires a broader wealth of know-how.  The person you work with should have knowledge of investments, income planning, income withdrawal strategy, taxes, Social Security, Medicare/healthcare, long term care insurance, estate planning, home equity, and more. We think having this breadth of knowledge is pretty unrealistic for the average person (and even a lot of advisors). It’s definitely not as easy or as simple as choosing some assets and growing your portfolio.

So that’s where we come in. After you’ve filled in your knowledge gaps and assessed your readiness and (in steps 1 and 2 of the Retirement Solved approach), you’ll have a chat with a RetireMentor so that he/she can understand your needs. We’ll then match you up with an affiliated, Hybrid Retirement Advisor who can help you implement your plan. He/she is a licensed advisor who’s part of our affiliated network of independent advisors. He/she can be your retirement coach and quarterback…acting in your best interests and implementing your entire “retirement playbook.”

You can rest assured that by using the convenience of a “cloud-based” advisor (via the Internet/over the phone vs. the traditional face to face model), you’ll have access to the same high quality services, process and guidance, but for considerably less than the traditional model.

Rest assured than in order to be considered for our network, an advisor is carefully vetted. We verify that they are investment advisors and are properly registered with either the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the appropriate State regulator. We also require some form of retirement planning expertise. We also confirm that they do in fact possess the licenses they say they do. They cannot have any relevant pending or valid regulatory disclosures from within the last 10 years. If an advisor has disclosed a severe infraction, he or she will not be permitted on our platform. The only exception to this rule is if the complaint has been withdrawn, denied, or otherwise dismissed.

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Not Your Average Joe Advisors

“Most advisors concentrate solely on managing investments. They don’t incorporate all the intricate retirement strategies that must be utilized to dramatically increase the probability of a retiree’s success.”  -Dr. Wade Phau, Phd, Retirement Researcher

The independent (and highly qualified) advisors are a little different. They’re a little nerdy, a little provocative (with a few super powers) and a lot more focused on retirement than the average Joe financial advisor.

In fact, this is all they do. Each and every advisor commits to making retirement planning easier and more affordable, while helping you transition into retirement with “efficient & sustainable” income for life. Every advisor commits to a 100% transparent cfee structure that’s designed to save you a lot of money in fees over traditional advisors.

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Retirement Based on Research (vs. Rhetoric)

All too often we base our investment decisions on industry marketing and advertising or on what we read and hear in the media or on something else altogether.”   -Robin Powell, financial journalist

Our affiliated advisors are obsessed with the math and science (and art) of retirement and use it as a basis for everything they do for you.  

If you haven’t yet heard, geek is the new chic in retirement planning. By being obsessed with research and analysis, cutting edge technology, and academically proven strategies your advocate makes reliable, data-driven decisions about your retirement (vs. best guesses or gut feel). We call this science-based planning. It’s powerful and reliable and they’re 100% committed to it. Geek’s promise.

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Hybrid Advice and the Middle Way

is the
Path of WISDOM

The Middle Way gives vision, gives knowledge, and leads to calm, to insight and enlightenment.”  -Buddha

What do Buddha and our retirement guidance have to do with one another you ask? Turns out, a lot.

In his first teachings, Buddha describes the “Middle Way” as a path of moderation, between the extremes. He explained that the Middle Way is the path of wisdom. At Retirement Solved we believe extremes can be bad, especially when it comes to retirement advice. Like Buddha we believe that the Middle Way is truly the path of wisdom. Middle Way advice strikes a balance between the extremes of investment and insurance advisors each pushing their biased viewpoint and one size fits all approach to retirement advisors.

Retirement Solved has pioneered the concept of the “Hybrid Retirement Advisor” which means the advisors we match you up with are licensed to offer balanced, objective guidance with a proper mix of investments and insurance based on what’s best for you…not based on what product they will make the most commission from. They not only meet fiduciary responsibilities, but raise the bar for all other so-called retirement planners.

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