5 Ways to Retire with More

Retiring with more starts with committing to a planning process.  You can go “old school” and download the PDF in each of the 5 steps below or you can go “new school” and access our Retirement Solved platform to make it even easier and effective to “get her done.”

You can know more & have more, now and in retirement. You ready to learn more?

1 | Identify Your Financial Gaps & Opportunities

Start with finding out if you have enough of the right stuff for retirement. Take a financial inventory of what you’ve got, what you’ll have down the road, and what you’ll need. Then review the gaps. You’ll rest much easier knowing.  And you’ll have the right insight to improve your retirement outcome.

2 | Understand the Strategies to Address Your Gaps & Concerns

Everyone has concerns about retirement, in addition to gaps that need to be addressed. There’s many research-backed “retirement optimized” strategies that you should understand and consider (note: not many traditional advisors are up to speed on these).

3 | Prioritize, Organize & Put it in Writing

The foundation of every plan is a task list to make sure the plan is actually implemented. Likewise, a task list can be the basis of a formal plan. You’ll want to create your retirement to-do list, which will help you stay organized and focused on what’s important, as well as keeping you on track.

4 | Get Help & Take Action

Most people don’t have the knowledge or interest in becoming their own retirement advisor. The right advisors can make sure all the risks you may face in retirement are addressed in your plan. He/should should be committed to partnering with you and educating you throughout the planning process. He/she should also offer the full suite of services you need. And the good news is that if you follow this process,  you’ll know enough to keep him/her honest!

5 | Take Time to Learn What You Need to Know

At any time during this planning process, it’s prudent (and well worth the time and effort) to learn more in any area where you have a need or interest in knowing more.

We hope you’ve found all this information useful (and not too overwhelming). There’s no time like the present to get prepared and nobody prepares you better for a better retirement. Fortune does indeed favor the smart, the bold and the prepared. Got Questions? Give us a call: 508.798.5115 or send an email to: retire@herretirement.com