We believe the most reliable retirement outcome is attained by committing to our multi-step Retirement Solved “Plan it Together” Process in which you bring your dream, and we Discover, Design and Deploy a plan to help you live it, together. This takes commitment and collaboration, but it’s an investment in knowledge and in understanding your retirement you won’t regret.

The Process requires you to take both ownership and involvement as we lead you through our 3-steps: Discover, Design and Deploy. Within each of the steps is multiple face to face or web meetings.

We call the process Smart because we rely on expertise, research and technology. We call it Efficient because we waste as little time as possible pulling your plan together at the lowest possible fees.

While you’re welcome to use our “Plan Done for You” or the “Do It Yourself” options, we believe the best outcome for you is attained by committing to the “Plan it Together” process.

When you commit to partnering with us, we’ll commit to helping you know enough, get enough, keep enough, and have enough… now and in retirement. Are you ready to start planning your dream and your retirement?

Discover Design Deploy Retirement planning

“An open mind will see opportunities that others miss.”

“Analysis consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.”

Check Out the 3-Steps…

Step 1. DISCOVER: Learn & Analyze

In our unconventional planning approach, we’re Your Retirement Educator first and foremost. Driven by a passion to improve your retirement literacy while helping you understand the criticality of retirement planning, education is the foundation of everything we do. You don’t need to become a retirement planner (that’s what we do), but we do believe you should know enough to uncover your retirement blindspots and sidestep some of the basic financial traps while keeping your advisor in check, if you work with one. We truly believe knowledge is power and knowing more means having more. We ask everyone to get educated as the first part of the Discover step. 1) Test your retirement I.Q. and then depending on how you do, we suggest you take online or local classes on a variety of retirement topics.

Most people have no idea if they have enough income and investments to last a long retirement. Nor do they understand the negative impacts of various risks and taxes in retirement. Many have no idea when they can retire, or once they do, what their goals are for prospering in retirement.  In the second phase of the Discover step, we are Your Retirement Analyst using data-driven analysis to both educate you and “discover” if you have enough of the “right stuff”. We also help you uncover more than just numbers as we explore your lifestyle goals and priorities in retirement.  We start with an initial complimentary assessment to determine if we can help you. We review the results of your Retirement Income Projection Analysis to see how much longer we can make your savings last. We’ll also review our Retirement Solved approach, how we work, this 3-step process, our philosophy and our fees. Should we decide its mutually beneficial, we’ll schedule an additional analysis meeting in which we’ll dig a little deeper into your retirement details. We’ll review a full Retirement Income Projection Analysis we conduct on your behalf. Whether you’re counting the days or have 15 years until retirement, it makes sense to learn if you’ll have the income you’ll need to enjoy the retirement you want. The analysis step is a great combination of number crunching and soul searching. Read more about our Analysis

Design your retirement plan

“People make their own luck by great preparation and great strategy.”

Step 2 - DESIGN - Strategize and Build

As Your Retirement Strategist, the number one goal of the 2nd step of Design is to build your plan based on our eight Retirement Solved Alpha Efficient Strategies to get you the best possible “sustainable” retirement outcome. We combine your retirement variables (income, investments, risks, etc.), proven financial theories, various financial products (growth, guarantees and protection) and sophisticated financial software to build your new or revised retirement plan. In this process, we’re a bit like mad scientists, experimenting with the data and math to come up with just the right “keep more” formula. The strategy has such a powerful impact that it can extend the life of your portfolio by 10 or more years. Read more about our Strategies

Deploy your retirement plan

“There is no success without action.”

“If you know you’re on the right track, if you have this inner knowledge, then nobody can derail your plans.”

Step 4 - DEPLOY: Implement and Track

As Retirement Solved we turn knowledge, analysis and strategy into action by guiding you to proper conclusions and overseeing the implementation and ongoing review of your plan. All of our affiliated advisors are carefully vetted and trained as “hybrid” retirement specialists which means they are licensed to implement balanced, objective plans with a proper mix of investments AND insurance solutions. We believe that extremist views can sabotage your retirement…while this “Middle Way” leads to wisdom and to having more in retirement. As your most trusted advisor, with a distinct retirement expertise, we also oversee other members of the retirement team we assemble for you: including CPAs, bankers and & elder care attorneys so that all of your bases are covered. Read more about our Guidance

In the final step of our process, our affiliate advisors will help you stay on track with your plan with regular reviews and adjustments as your needs and life change. He/she will keep in constant contact with you and make sure that together you are achieving the goals of your plan, regardless of what comes down the path. Your progress is measured by using your personal Retirement Solved Scorecard. Your advisor will meet with you in person or over the phone as often as necessary. At the completion of the Deploy step, your advisor will start the process over again with phase 2 of our Strategy with a focus on Risk Management strategies to make sure everything you’ve worked hard to save is protected.

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“The entire process has really educated us and led us to some important conclusions about our retirement plan. We feel relieved.” -Alison & Stan

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