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At the intersection of technology, content and people, you find Retirement Solved…pulling all the pieces of the retirement puzzle together for YOU.

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Quick Assess Module Only

Quick Assessment gives you a sample of the personalized content, calculations and powerful data available​ to you throughout this software platform.

Platform Primer

$8 /month

Learn & Assess Modules

Get educated and have a complete view into your finances. Learn when you can retire, how much you’ll need and if your savings will last.

Platform Premium

$14 /month

Learn, Envision, Assess, Plan & Implement Modules

Get educated and have a complete view into your finances, gaps, risks & opportunities for wealth-building, track tasks, understand retirement optimized strategies and implementation best practices.

Platform Platinum

$29 /month

LEAPI Modules with a Coach

Get ready for retirement: full access to all software modules. Readiness process led by a RetireMentor coach.

Platform Platinum+

Starting at

$1,500 /year

LEAPI Modules, Coach & Pros

Get the expert guidance to to get more, keep more and have more with a plan you understand and have 100% confidence in.

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DashboardPreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Onboarding/training (45 min. session)     
Video training     
Organizational tools     
Retirement resources     
Software training on-demand     

Learn ModulePreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
90 question retirement I.Q. test    
Knowledge score/personalized education plan    
Personalized 100 page e-book    
20 financial/retirement e-classes    
8 hour retirement masterclass on-demand    
Learning Library    

Access ModulePreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Quick Assessment: gaps, income need, net worth     
Detailed financial discovery/inventory exercises    
Visual summary & display of goals, household finances/retirement prep    
Net worth, cash flow, income, savings & investment projections    
Smarter Spending Tracking tool    
Financial inventory score and gap analyzer   
Personalized G.R.O.W. (Gaps, Risks & Opportunities for Wealthbuilding) Summary & Guide   

Envision ModulePreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Lifestyle planning   
Retirement goal setting and prioritizing   
Visioning exerises   

Plan ModulePreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Strategies mapped to your concerns   
Retirement readiness checklists   
Connect with a CFP   

Implementation ModulePreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Implementation best practices   
Advisor suitability quiz & guidance   
Access to storage vault for doc sharing   
Subject Matter Expert Guidance   
Access to Assessments   
PreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
2 online coaching sessions  
Monthly online coaching sessions 
Coaching on-demand ($100/hour)    
PreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Onboarding/training (45 min. session)    
Unlimited email software support    
Access to private community    
PreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Expert On-Demand     
CPA financial plan: $250 off 
AssessmentsPreviewPrimerPremiumPlatform PlusPlatform Plus Pro
Am I Ready for Retirement?250250225200Included
Portfolio Review & Stress Test150150125100Included
Is My 401k Ok?150150125100Included
Tax Efficiency Audit150150125100Included
Social Security Timing150150125100Included
Insurance Inspection150150125100Included
Medicare Projection150150125100Included
Suddenly Single Analysis (divorce/death)150150125100Included