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The Pink Duck

If you haven’t yet noticed, we’re a little different, a little provocative and a lot more focused on retirement planning than the average Joe advisor.

You might say we’re the pink duck in a flock of yellow ones.  From the pictures and words here on our website to our Retirement Solved planning approach; from our crazy good educational resources to our super competitive fee structures;  from our online or face-to-face advice to our technology-powered analysis; and from research backed strategies to our process-oriented planning, we strive to be a breath of fresh air in retirement education and planning. We believe we’ve nailed it.

No one has quite figured out how to pull ALL the pieces of retirement planning together until now. Our ground-breaking Retirement Solved formula makes preparing for retirement easier (and more affordable) and living in retirement dreamier.


Geek IS the new chic in retirement planning. We love the math and science of retirement and use it as a basis for everything we do. We’re obsessed with education, research and technology. Find out why you want to work with a retirement geek.

We rely on something called Alpha to power our retirement planning strategies. Alpha is simply the measure of return or benefit above a given average. We can potentially improve your retirement outcome by implementing eight unconventional Alpha Efficient Strategies. The sum total of these Alpha increases gives you an Alpha Efficient plan that you’ll be hard pressed to replicate either on your own, or with any other advisors.

One of our priorities, is to offer unmatched value. You’ll be hard pressed to find another advisor who offers the combination of: a full complement of retirement services, delivered by retirement specialists, who follow an in-depth planning process at fees significantly less than the industry average. We don’t think you should have to choose between service, quality, solutions, expertise or fees. You can have it all.

The great Buddha describes the “Middle Way” as a path of moderation, between the extremes. This, according to him, was the path of wisdom. The Middle Way gives vision, gives knowledge, and leads to calm, to insight, and to enlightenment.

At Retirement Solved we believe extremes can be bad, especially when it comes to retirement advice. Like Buddha, we believe that the Middle Way is the path of wisdom. The Middle Way as it applies to retirement advice strikes a balance between the extremes of investment advisors and insurance agents each pushing their biased viewpoint and a one size fits all approach to retirement and income planning. Regardless of your religion or your spirituality, the Middle Way is a great concept to apply in all facets of our lives and retirement.

We believe the most reliable retirement outcome is attained by committing to our multi-step Retirement Solved “Plan it Together” Process in which you bring your dream, and we Discover, Design and Deploy a plan to help you live it, together. This takes commitment and collaboration, but it’s an investment in knowledge and in understanding your retirement you won’t regret.

We also offer other advice options: Plan Done for You and Plan it Yourself. See the details on these advice options.

Did you ever walk into a cute and cozy boutique and get a warm fuzzy feeling? It’s a completely different feeling than walking into Walmart. Well…we’re not Walmart. Or one of those big investment companies. We’re a retirement planning boutique where our affiliated advisors know your name, your husband’s name, your birthday, why you like to garden and listen to Sheryl Crow, and what your hopes and dreams for retirement are. When you work with a member of our team we get to know you and your family on a personal level. We invite you into our lives as you welcome us into yours. It is these deep and long lasting relationships with our clients that is the basis of a successful planning partnership. It’s why we love being a boutique provider of retirement planning vs. a big, corporatey kinda place where you’re just an account number. Being a boutique also allows us to be much more nimble and flexible which means we can make changes quickly to process, strategy, solutions and outcomes.

We can work with virtually every investment and insurance company in the world to find you the absolute best solutions. We work with the big names: Fidelity, Vanguard, Nationwide, John Hancock, Allianz, but also boutique firms like us that offer equally good, but less known solutions: Athene, Integrity Life, Dodge & Cox Investments, and Thornburg.

Whether you’re trying to determine when you can retire, how to maximize your Social Security, how to allocate your 401(k), or determine if you need long term care insurance, we offer everything from individual, topic specific assessments, including complementary income projections, to full deployment of retirement plans. We can also review an existing plan to see if you have enough of the right stuff. We can do as little or as much as you need us to to help make preparing for retirement easier and living in retirement more prosperous.

Reliable and balanced advice at a fraction of the typical fees. Available anytime from anywhere, our experienced and friendly investment AND insurance licensed professionals help you stay on track and always act in your best interests.

When you work with someone who has passion, you know it, it shows in everything they do. When you work with someone who has purpose, it shows in their results. When you work with someone who has personality, they make it enjoyable. Yes retirement planning is serious business (and you’ll always find us professional and on point), but we believe it should be fun too with a bit of humor and friendship in the mix. We take your success personally because Retirement Solved is our life’s work and we’re excited to share our passion, purpose and personality with you.

Our founders are baby boomers themselves so they’re facing the same challenges as many of you. We’re also old enough to know what we did wrong when we started out so we can guide those who are in the pre-retirement phase. We’ve been through the ups and downs of the markets with 30 years experience in the financial services industry, and we’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you helping them manage all phases of their financial lives. We now focus on retirement planning because to be honest, that’s where we see the greatest need and where we can have the greatest impact and personal satisfaction knowing we’re helping a lot of people have a more secure retirement. Learn More…

Here’s to being a pink duck in world of yellow ones, and remember fortune favors the smart, the bold, and the prepared (and sometimes luck helps too).

We also believe we’re pretty lucky ducks because we:

  • do what we love each and every day
  • provide a unique and much needed service
  • make a positive impact on society, and
  • are living out our personal and professional dreams

As luck would have it, you’ve waddled onto our website. While you’re here take a look at everything that makes us different and see how these differences can help you retire with more confidence and comfort.

“The research is unequivocal that a competent financial guide can both help you achieve the returns necessary to arrive at your financial destination while simultaneously improving the quality of your journey.”

Behavioral Alpha: The True Power of Financial Advice, Daniel Crosby, Ph.D., Nocturne Capital, October 17, 2016

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