From our co-founder, Lynn Toomey

I’ve always asked “why” whenever anyone has told me something…whether that was playing professional football or attending a financial conference. ‘Because’ has never been enough for me. I’ve always sought out the reasons and the research behind the theories. The financial services industry runs amok with empty statements and misleading marketing claims, as well as extreme biases from the likes of insurance agents and stockbrokers. I’ve always wanted to provide a better answer than ‘Because’ for my clients. We both deserve more. This is the basis of my “Why”. And what also led to our Eureka moment.

Chatting over a latte, my partner Lynn and I were Googling and brainstorming as usual. We were trying to find some data on reverse mortgages and the value they could bring to retirees as this had been a topic of discussion in a recent meeting with one of my clients. Because we had ‘heard’ many negative statements about them we wanted to find the facts and the research to support whether they could be of value or not. As we were peering over an iPhone, we realized that many people like us, baby boomers and anyone preparing for retirement for that matter, needed access to academic retirement research. As we dug a little more (sinking deeper into a Google coma), we discovered that our population is woefully illiterate when it comes to finances and retirement… two thirds of Americans cannot pass a test of basic financial literacy1 and only 20% of people passed a retirement literacy quiz administered by the American College2.

At the same time, I was noticing more and more of  my clients struggling with retirement planning and looking to me for answers. For much of my career I focused on helping people accumulate assets and protect their loved ones with life insurance.

As we continued to Google and talk, Lynn and I had the same ‘aha’ moment…we needed to become retirement advisors. We needed to help my clients (the people who I counted as friends and members of my business family), as well as the 78 million people who will be retiring over the next 10 years, retire better. And then we needed to figure out how to help the generations that will inherit the baby boomer’s wealth become financially educated and responsible…and prosperous for life.

We needed to become the guardians of retirement.

And so we did.

A little more searching and brainstorming, and a domain registration later, Retirement Solved emerged. That was nearly three years ago. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with learning as much as possible about retirement. I’ve discovered along the way that I have a knack for researching and gathering information, uncovering the facts and understanding the strategies (many of which are quite progressive), and then organizing, delivering and taking action to deliver better retirement outcomes for my clients.

What we’ve also discovered is that retirement (regardless of your age) should be that time in your life when you can get off the hamster wheel and work if you want to, not because you have to. We like to refer to this as finding your financial freedom date. Retirement should defy working like a dog just to make ends meet.

Retirement Solved is our way to share “the search for retirement truths” journey we’re on with people everywhere, and to help them plan a more confident and comfortable retirement. We believe that the evidence-and outcome-based planning we do and the intellectually honest information we uncover to support our planning is the better way to go. Join us and experience a smarter, more efficient and more intimate kind of retirement advice…and leave with a renewed purpose, a comprehensive plan and peace of mind.


Lynn Toomey, Guardian of Your Retirement

1 2016 National Capability Study by the FINRA Foundation.

2 2017 RICP Retirement Income Literacy Survey, American College

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