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Retirement Solved teaches people how to save right today and spend right tomorrow.

Powered by technology, organized by process and backed by research, our unconventional approach integrates education, guidance, analysis and strategy for efficient and effective, one-stop retirement planning.

Retirement Solved’s mission is to  make preparing financially for retirement easier and more affordable, while guiding the transition into retirement with a “sustainable for life” financial plan.

Much more than just an investment strategy or some fancy software…

Proper retirement planning is much more than just traditional investment management (or a 401k plan). It involves integrating many additional facets such as tax reduction, Social Security, proper portfolio management, home equity, and more into a cohesive plan. Many traditional advisors focus solely on managing investments and don’t have the knowledge, experience, process, tools or technology to incorporate all the intricate retirement strategies that must be utilized to dramatically increase the probability of a retiree’s success.

“According to a Moss Adams research study, 81% of investors surveyed said they want financial advice on more than just investments.”

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Knowledge is your most powerful retirement resource and we’re dedicated to making sure you get it. We love the science of retirement. We’re obsessed with education and demystifying retirement for you, while also challenging extreme biases rampant in our industry. We’ve all seen the grandiose (and unbalanced) claims from investment or insurance companies with big marketing budgets. We empower you with objectivity and knowledge in our Learning Center available 24×7 and Retirement Solved University. Or, when you engage in our planning process, we take the time to dispell myths and misinformation and take the time to explain proper retirement strategies t0 you. Learn more

“Receiving good financial advice pays a dividend that builds both wealth and confidence.”


The best guidance is balanced guidance and with our Middle Way philosophy to retirement planning, advice and strategies, we strike the right balance for you and your objectives. We offer both face to face and remote guidance (with the help of modern technology).

While we love technology, we don’t believe baby boomers want a computer to create their retirement plan. As a result, we offer technology-augmented humans who happen to be really good at building relationships and really good at building retirement plans. Our software powers our analysis, our research powers our strategy and our conversations with you power the direction of your plan. And because our Retirement Solved approach is so efficient, in many different aspects, we offer what could be the most competitive fees for advice in the industry (along with all the retirement services you need). When you commit to partnering with us, we commit be being your educator, strategist, analyst and advocate…your guide to a more confident and comfortable retirement. Learn more

“Individuals who are advised have a minimum of 25% more assets than those who are non-advised.”


We combine research and the best technology in the industry to power data-driven analysis. The sophisticated retirement software we use tells us if you have enough of the right stuff to retire and if not, what changes need to happen. In many cases, we can extend your retirement income up to 10 years or more with decisions WE CAN control such as: Tax saving, Social Security maximization, Portfolio allocation, Medicare surcharges and Fee reduction. Learn more

“Our Retirement Solved Alpha Strategy has such a powerful impact that it can extend the life of your portfolio by 10 or more years.”


We increase the probability of better retirement outcomes by implementing eight Alpha Efficient Strategies.  Alpha is simply the measure of return or benefit above a given average. The sum total of these Alpha increases gives you an Alpha Efficient plan that you’ll be hard pressed to replicate either on your own, or with any other advisors. Many research reports support the idea that the “right” advisor” can significantly increase your outcomes. We’ve taken advisor alpha to entirely new level. Learn more

Retirement Solved is Optimized by Technology, Research & Process…


Technology Leads to More Reliable Outcomes

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Academic Research Provides Evidence-Based Planning


A Collaborative Process Provides Clarity and Action

Discover Design Deploy Retirement planning

We take retirement planning to an entirely new level by implementing the industry’s most sophisticated financial planning and back office technologies.

Using comprehensive “retirement” software we uncover concerns, assess opportunities, and reach financial decisions – together. We start by producing our proprietary Retirement Income Projection Analysis (RIPA)  to help you determine when you can retire with the confidence that your income will last throughout retirement.  We continue to use the software to make our analysis more effective and efficient. The integration of software and human capital enables us to provide new opportunities for retirement success.

Evidence-based retirement planning and investing is the idea that no advice should be given until it’s backed by reliable research and evidence, and shown to be effective over the long term. It requires a commitment to being a student for life, consistently staying abreast of academic research and best practices while protecting client’s best interests. Many advisors don’t have this level of commitment to learning…it’s far easier to simply collect investments  and commissions and call it a day.

We’re obsessed with research…we never recommend a strategy unless it’s backed up with academic proof. Some of the leading retirement researchers we follow are: Finke, Pfau, and Blanchette.

Success is accomplished through execution. We designed our 3-step Discover. Design and Deploy meeting/planning process to provide the structure and discipline needed to execute on your vision and our strategies for your retirement.

Working together, we learn, discover, analyze, strategize, build, implement and track your entire retirement plan. We consider and discuss all facets of your retirement in the process, starting with your retirement goals. You won’t find many, if any advisors who are willing to make the same level of commitment that we do. We wanted to offer a process that would making planning easier, more logical and more affordable so that people would actually do it. Learn more

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