The Right Retirement Plan is More Than You Think…Retirement Solved Software Helps You Pull it All Together.

  • Assess what you know, what you have, what you need and how to make it all work.
  • Organize your finances, goals and tasks for retirement in one place.
  • Discover all the various components & strategies that make up the right retirement plan.
  • Create a roadmap for your retirement so you can have clarity and confidence.
  • Connect with service providers and advisors to make sure you actually implement your plan.

“Fortune Favors the Smart, the Bold & the Prepared. No Other Software Prepares You Better for a Better Retirement.”  -Lynn Toomey, co-founder

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What Retirement Solved Can Offer You?

Comprehensive Retirement Planning at Your Own Pace

Retirement Solved starts out as a self-paced education and readiness platform. You can interact as little or as much as you’d like, at your own pace with the various modules.  It’s completely YOUR choice how deep you get involved in learning and planning.

You can start by getting educated about finances in retirement in the Learn module or start by seeing what you’ve got in your financial inventory in the Assess module. What makes the software unique from other programs (and even a book you might read on these topics) is that it provides feedback in the form of identifying potential gaps in both knowledge and retirement readiness based on how you answer all the questions asked of you.

The Plan module uses information gathered from you in the Assess module to identify strategies you should consider in your plan.  The Plan module also provides a really complete retirement checklist to help make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to all the things you should do in your retirement planning process. It also connects you with a variety of retirement subject matter experts who can help you with everything from income planning to estate planning and everything in between.

Finally, the software becomes a collaborative tool when you either share your G.R.O.W. Summary and Guide with a retirement planner (for the purposes of receiving an Am I Ready? Assessment, a complimentary first look at what you’ve got and how to make it more efficient), or you decide to work together with a planner to create and implement your plan. The Implement module is where you’ll collaborate and share information and track your planning meetings and progress.

Research proves those that have a written retirement plan have a nest egg 445% bigger than those you don’t. Our software is designed to make sure you actually create, document and implement a plan vs. just thinking about it. It does take an investment of time on your part, but how much is completely up to you. But, we do encourage you to at least take advantage of the Assess and Plan module before deciding if you’d like the assistance of a retirement planner or other service providers in our network.

Tips for Using the Platform…

  • The platform requires a commitment of time and an open mind to learning about retirement and some little known strategies. But we believe knowledge is power, and by knowing more, you can have more…now and in retirement.
  • From the dashboard you can navigate to each of the 5 modules of the tool at your own pace and in whatever order you choose (although we recommend starting with Inventory).
  • You may decide to skip to the Learn module and test your retirement I.Q.  For those that want to learn more about retirement, the Learn module library is a resource.
  • The functionality of the Implement module is for those who decide to work with a retirement planner in our network. Otherwise, the planning process described and questions to Ask an Advisor can be used on your own or to see if your advisor is up to snuff.
  • Before you start the Assess Module you’ll want to gather your financial documents to making answering all the questions go faster, and the assessment to be more accurate.
  • All of your answers in each Module will be saved so you can complete them in more than one sitting. You can also go back and change any information you entered previously. You can track and keep your Retirement Inventory up-to-date as your financial situation changes and improves.
  • You will be able to share and print various portions of the content. You can use the information in the platform to implement your own plan, work with your own advisor or get connected to our recommended solution providers.

RetireMentors to Help You Every Step of the Way

We offer a RetireMentor to anyone that has access to the Retirement Solved Software. He/she is a competent and friendly advocate to help you navigate the modules, the resources, providers and planners. They can help you get on track and stay on track. They will be your biggest cheerleader and support system as you create and implement your plan utilizing the software. Available via the phone, email, text or Zoom(online meeting software), we want to make using the software and getting your desired result as easy and effective as possible. A RetireMentor can help!

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