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Will Your Income Last a Lifetime?

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One of the most important decisions a retiree will need to make is how to develop an income distribution strategy that strives to offer income for life.

Income planning for retirement can be a very complex and stressful process for many. Taking income from your portfolio is much more involved than simply growing your assets over time. At the same time, retirees today face some formidable challenges when entering what we call The Retirement Danger Zone. This is the time shortly before or shortly after retirement when the retiree can, inadvertently, either “make it or break it” by making retirement decisions based on these major questions:

  • How to suitably invest retirement assets for growth, while preserving principle?
  • When to apply for Social Security to try to maximize income benefits?
  • What’s the appropriate income distribution method to utilize, which reflects each client’s individual needs?

We recommend that you work with an advisor, like Retirement Solved, who has the experience and specialized knowledge to help you address these questions and navigate through this intricate landscape. We’ll develop an income distribution plan that strives to create an income for life, based on your needs.

Let our Complimentary Retirement Evaluation show you the details.

Income Planning


Our affiliate advisors can perform a number of different assessments to help you determine if you’re on the right track. Submit your details and we’ll be back in touch shortly. Feel free to email us at: info@yourretirementadvisor.com.



    52% of workers haven’t calculated how much money they’ll need in retirement.

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