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Educating you is the foundation of everything we do and it’s the first step in our Retirement Solved approach. Confidence and prosperity comes from knowledge, and we want both for you.

When you commit to our approach, you’re committing to “getting smart” about some of the key elements of your retirement plan. This will require you to attend either our instructor-led or online Retirement Solved University Retirement Planning course. The materials are designed to give you a solid foundation in conventional and unconventional retirement concepts.

Should you feel your retirement I.Q. is up to snuff, or you just need a course on a specific unfamiliar topic, you can either opt out of this first step, or take the e-courses you need.

You don’t need to become a retirement planner (that’s what we do), but we do believe you should know enough to sidestep some of the basic financial traps and keep your advisor in check, if you work with one.

In addition to being Your Retirement Educator we’re on a quest to “be the change” in an industry wrought with mis-information, hearsay and media hype. As Your Retirement Advocate we’re exhaustive in our search for retirement truths and research-based facts for more informed decision making. We ask you to be open minded to new ideas and focus on the facts.

You’ll find these ideas, facts and information in our Learning Center. You can use the Center at any time… read our blog or peruse the resources organized by retirement topic. You’ll find videos, articles, guides, white papers, calculators and more. Please let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see added to the Center. Knowledge IS power! Let’s get learning.

Research supports that people with more confidence in their financial knowledge have a higher propensity to plan. And when they calculate their savings needs after retirement, they are more successful in sticking to their plan. (Financial Literacy, Retirement Planning & Household Wealth, National Bureau of Economic Research, 8/11)

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“We’ve scratched the surface of our retirement planning. We learned a lot in this 2 night course, but realize we have a lot more to learn and a lot of planning to do to plan for our retirement future. It was a very interesting course.” -Steven & Elizabeth

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Our Retirement Solved University program offers local face to face classes and workshops. We are also introducing e-classes and webinars soon. Visit our YRS University page to see current offerings and schedules

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Within each of the retirement disciplines below, you’ll find videos, white papers, classes, expert resources, calculators, assessments and more.

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