Step 4. Deployment...putting the plan to work for you

The next step in our planning process is the opportunity for you to make a logical conclusion that the plan design is ready for full implementation…we guide and you ultimately decide.

Deploying the plan is the most satisfying (and calming) part of the process as everyone gets to see the results of our combined learning and hard work come to fruition.

When you hire our affiliate advisors to deploy your plan, it becomes their responsibility to deliver on the plan they construct. While we believe our affiliate advisors to be best equipped to deploy your plan for you, you certainly have the option to do this on your own or with another advisor.

Here’s a few tips on working with “any” advisor when implementing your retirement plan:

1) Understand the total fees you’ll be paying, including investment advisory fees and total fees…they should be transparent, reasonable and preferably below average. Read more to find out how to save on your fees

2) Properly vet the advisor to be sure he/she is adept at implementing your plan and servicing your every-changing needs.

3) Choose the highest quality products…your advisor should provide full disclosure and performance overviews on all products recommended.