About Us

Company Overview

The Retirement Solved Personalized Readiness Platform has been designed and developed by retirement industry experts.

Retirement Solved is taking a fresh approach to financial wellness in retirement. The approach is based on answering your most pressing questions and helping you make smart, informed financial decisions. The end result is to make sure you actually create and implement a retirement plan you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.

Operating as a platform company and leveraging the proprietary Retirement Solved software, users can connect with retirement resources and planning pro’s designed to help you know more and have more…now and in retirement.

The reasons most people don’t have a written retirement plan include procrastination, fear of the unknown and lack of knowledge. Retirement Solved aims to change this.

“Those who have a written Retirement Plan have a nest egg 445% bigger than non-planners.”  -HSBC, Future of Retirement Study, 2013

Our mission

The Retirement Solved fresh approach to financial wellness in retirement will allow you to:

  • Collaborate with online retirement planners
  • Tap into a myriad of retirement service providers
  • Access planning software to make sure you create and implement a plan
  • Make informed decisions that could change your retirement outcome

The software will allow you to:

  • Access and fill your knowledge gaps
  • Assess and fill your financial gaps
  • Identify your retirement optimized strategies
  • Organize your retirement to-do list and connect you with service pro’s
  • Collaborate and implement your plan with a retirement planner

How we work

how can we help you?

Contact us at: 508.798.5115 or via email at: help@retirementsolved.io.

Retirement Solved is extremely useful and empowering platform…so eye opening. So glad I committed the time to it.

Christine B.
Former confused pre-retiree,

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