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Clearly, one of the biggest challenges most people face in retirement is generating the income they need while preserving and protecting it for the rest of their lives. But what’s the best way to make this a reality? What are the right decisions to be made?

Life, and retirement is about making the right decisions. And there’s no shortage of critical decisions to be made about your retirement. Informed decisions are the most impactful on your financial security. As Your Retirement Analyst it’s our job to do the research, gather the data, manipulate the software and assess the options so we can help you get more in retirement.

In our analysis, which is part soul searching and part number crunching, we address the below questions:

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What's My Why?

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How Much to Put Away to Be Able to Retire?

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How to Invest My Retirement Assets Effectively?

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When Can I Retire?

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How Can I Protect My Portfolio from Risks & Taxes?

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How Much Can I Take From My Portflio in Retirement?

Knowing ‘your why’is an important step in figuring out how to achieve your goals and enjoy living in retirement (versus merely surviving!). Our analysis certainly focuses on money and assets, but we also talk about your family, occupation and recreational priorities in retirement. Only when you know your ‘why’ will you move toward a more rewarding retirement trajectory. And remember, just because you have a retirement plan doesn’t mean you have to “retire.” It just means you can enjoy a work-optional lifestyle…and choose how you want to spend your time. We can help you get to this date faster.

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“The Retirement Income Projection was really eye opening. We knew so little about our future. Now we have the data to make much better decisions.”  — Christine B.

Retirement Income Projection Analysis Chart

The Retirement Income Projection Analysis (RIPA) TM

We utilize industry leading retirement planning software to demonstrate whether or not our Retirement Solved Alpha Strategies can have a positive impact on your retirement outcome.

The Retirement Income Projection Analysis or RIPA provides before and after scenarios to determine where you are, where you want to be and what changes need to happen in order to get you there. RIPA helps you answer your most important questions: Do I have enough of the right stuff? When can I retire? and What do I need to do to make my income last a lifetime? Unlike numbers in a chart, our RIPA (using actuarial science) calculates the actual value or Alpha you will get by deploying our strategies. It’s a powerful and reliable tool for making informed decisions.

We factor together a number of variables including: your income sources (such as 401(k)s, pensions and Social Security), investments and a number of other critical variables such as your risk tolerance and volatility to provide a valuable snap shot of your current situation. We also analyze your debts and expenses and make sure you have a good handle on how much income you’ll need in retirement to support your desired lifestyle. This comprehensive analysis is a critical first step in determining how to get more, keep more and have more in retirement. Read more about the RIPA here

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Retirement Solved offers a number of a la carte assessments vs. the complete Retirement Solved Alpha analysis. This gives you the ability to “pick and choose” the specific areas you would like further analysis or assessment conducted by our affiliate advisors on your behalf.  Whatever the services utilized, our affiliate advisors provide absolute objectivity and the highest quality service possible.

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