Teaching Old(er) Dogs New Tricks

How to Get on Board With Us?

We’re Building a Network of Independent, Affiliated Advisors and CPAs, and Teaching Some Old(er) Dogs New Tricks…

Get on board with us and take your practice to new levels of success

Are you interested in helping people better prepare for retirement? Are you passionate about what you do? Do you know retirement? Are you dually licensed to offer investments and insurance? Are you a CPA or an attorney interested in a new revenue stream?

If you’re not the average Joe advisor (or CPA) and want to be a part of something truly different, we’re interested in hearing from you. We have a complete system to help you grow your practice and make a positive impact in your community.

Are you an estate attorney, insurance agent or other professional working with pre-retirees?
Retirement Solved is a valuable retirement resource for your clients. From our learning center to our assessments and full planning services, we’re sure you have clients that could benefit from all that we offer. We invite you to introduce us and show your clients you care about their retirement well-being. Please give us a call or send us an email for details: help@retirementsolved.io.

A Business Building Platform

“Retirement Solved for Advisors” gives advisors a complete system for taking their businesses to new levels of success.

A complete turn-key, outcome-based retirement planning system. When you plug into the system, you have access to:


  • Marketing
  • Access to YRS.com website
  • A Prospect Conversion system
  • A multi-step client meeting process
  • Centralized planning
  • Alpha efficient retirement strategies
  • Technology driven analysis
  • YRA portfolios
  • A team of specialists & solutions serving client needs
  • Coaching/training

The Profession is Changing…Are You?

Retirement Solved for Advisors is not for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants to breath new life into an existing practice or open a new practice in a new location. As we like to say, we’re building a network of old(er) dogs with new tricks!

We are only accepting a select group of advisors into the network.  Acceptance will be based on a number of factors and may include:

  • desire to grow practice
  • desire to follow the program as outlined
  • current retirement designation/desire to attain designation
  • client focused/commitment to serving the best interest of clients
  • open to new ways of thinking and strategies
  • understand value of marketing and willingness to invest in marketing
  • interested in being part of a team

So if you’re ready to learn new tricks, complete the form below to take the first step, email us at: help@retirementsolved.io or call us at: 508.798.5115.

The benefits of integrating Retirement Solved into your practice include:

  • Create a sustainable and dependable business model
  • Centralized planning/done for you plans
  • Focus on building client relationships and not the minutia of creating plans, doing marketing, learning new processes, software, etc.
  • Tap into a team-based model with a network of retirement planning specialists
  • Increase revenues
  • Don’t worry about DOL compliance…we’ve got your back
  • Systemize your client meeting process
  • Learn new retirement focused strategies
  • Brand yourself a retirement and income specialist
  • Access to results of planning software without having to learn it
  • Transition from talking about products to talking about outcomes
  • Become referrable because you’re having conversations that clients haven’t heard before
  • Increase value of your practice before retirement
  • Choice of integration into your existing practice
  • Have a virtual partner (and network of other YRS advisors to associate with)

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