Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“I wish I had time to travel to…” is a phrase that many of us think or say throughout our lives.  Some of us may even have lists of places we want to see during retirement while others may just visit a destination on a whim.  Some things to consider before traveling are:

  • Do I have money saved up to fund my traveling adventures? Traveling should be an added expense to your retirement planning.  Just like with any part of your life, extra money should be put aside to fund traveling.  With that said, how much will it cost?  This also depends on…
  • How much time do I want to spend there? Are you going for a week to San Diego or a month to Tuscany, to paint and enjoy the Italian surroundings? This will factor in to how much you should save to make sure you are truly able to enjoy your travels.
  • Will I be physically able to travel there? If pondering this question, ask yourself, “how long of a plane or train ride is it?” “Will a layover, to stretch your legs, be a good option? Or is a direct flight better?”  “Is it a tourist attraction, where your main objective is to see the historical, artistic or architectural sights or are you looking to see the wonders that nature has given us, which entails walking and hiking?”
  • If traveling internationally, where is the closest embassy or consulate? This is important to note in the case of an emergency.  If you lose a passport or need help, in any way, the embassy or consulate can be your safe haven away from home.
  • Will your medical insurance cover you, if traveling internationally? If you happen to fall ill or hurt yourself (especially if you’re hiking or walking a lot), will you be covered by your insurance and will you be able to seek medical attention at your destination?
  • Are there any discounts that you can receive, for being a senior citizen? Finally, this is on a lighter note from the previous examples, but many places offer a discount for senior citizens because they know that the retired population has a disposable income that they are looking to enjoy and traveling may be how they want to spend their money.

Adventures are meant to be enjoyed.  And for many, this is not possible until the time and funds are available, usually after the kids have left the house and the career has come to an end, where time and money are at your disposal, letting YOU decide what to do with those hours and dollars as you see fit.  So why not travel the USA and the world, to see what you have always wanted to see and experience.  Go ahead, we dare you J